We created the CUB to help mothers to have a safer and healthier option during pregnancy, labor and birth

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Upright Birth Benefits

Researchers believe that giving birth in an upright position can benefit the mother and baby
More space for your baby

Being upright during labor and birth can increase the space within your pelvis for your baby to be born by 28-30%. Your labor contractions can be more effective

Better with labor and birth

Your baby will cope better with labor and birth and will be less distressed, 54% less incidence of fetal heart abnormalities

Less labor stages

The length of the first stage of your labor, between 3-10 centimetres can be significantly reduced by up to 50% and a shorter second stage (pushing stage) of labor

Safer option

You are 23% less likely to need a medically assisted birth. More space, less distress and a shorter labour results in fewer necessary intervention

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