Upright Positions for Birth with the CUB

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We are based at the CUB HUB offices in the beautiful West Coast of Scotland. From our base we market and distribute the fantastic CUB, now sold all around the world
Comfortable Upright Birth

Our vision is to see a CUB available for any person who wants to use one during pregnancy, labour or birth, no matter where they are!


At the core of our service is the creation of communities where caring, sharing and learning that is focused on comfort, mobility and upright positions during pregnancy, labor and birth are key

Comfortable Upright Birth

To improve the experience of childbirth whenever possible by building global awareness of the importance of mobility in pregnancy, labour and birth. We will do this by promoting the CUB as a useful resource that will replace products not specifically designed for this purpose.


To act with integrity by promoting safe, healthy and respectful maternity care for all parents. We believe and promote individual choice, compassionate and skilled care that can improve the experience and outcome of pregnancy and birth around the world

The CUB is a unique product for pregnancy, labor and birth. A multi award winning, patented tool to support optimal birthing positions, in any environment.

We are very proud to have created a multi-award-winning product specifically designed to improve the experience of pregnancy, labor and birth

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