Why did Cass invent the CUB?

Cass McNamara, the inventor of the CUB, created this innovative product after recognizing the limitations of existing products used in maternity care that supported instinctive, mother-led upright labor and birth positions. As a registered midwife with the National Health Service (UK), Cass found that traditional options—such as gym balls, birth couches, obstetric beds, and rigid birth stools—lacked versatility and comfort. These products were often restricted in their usage by the type of labor and the environment in which they could be utilized.
Determined to find a solution, Cass began her journey to design a product that would provide the comfort of a gym ball while offering a range of positions suitable for all individuals planning a vaginal birth. Her extensive experience in maternity care, attending thousands of births, gave her valuable insights into what would be most beneficial during pregnancy, labor, and birth.
Through extensive research, focus groups of mothers, midwives and other health care professionals, and numerous prototypes, the first CUB was developed. Feedback from initial users helped refine the design, leading to the current, improved version of the CUB. Over the past few short years, the CUB has gained global recognition as the preferred product for those planning a Comfortable, Upright Birth.
Cass McNamara's dedication and innovation have earned her several prestigious awards, including:
• Winner of the Scottish Edge Fund
• The Association of Scottish Businesswomen Award 'Woman of Inspiration'
• Global Health and Pharma 'Maternity Care Executive of the Year'
• Winner of the ‘Innovation in Practice’ award from the British Journal of Midwifery
Cass McNamara, the inventor of the CUB, continues to work to improve the experience of childbirth and maternity care. Now mothers all over the world can have access to a CUB, supporting positive, healthy births.