CUB Hospital Use

For women there a number of ways to use your Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) support in hospital environment

1. How do we clean the CUB Support?

Please download our guide on Caring and Cleaning for your CUB HERE

2. Can the CUB Support be used more than once?

Yes the CUB can be used more than once, however as an inflatable consumer product it is not designed for high levels of use over extended periods of time. The CUB is a CE marked, Class 1 medical device registered with the MHRA in the UK. It conforms to European regulations on

1) Mechanical and physical properties

2) Flammability

3) Specification for migration of certain chemical elements. The Maximum user weight is 120kgs.

Our user guide can be downloaded HERE

3. What is the warranty on the CUB Support?

The warranty on the CUB is for a single use only. We have no way of knowing how well the product has been cared for or who and in what circumstances it was used initially.

4. What do we do if the CUB Support will not inflate or stay inflated when we first receive it?

If you have removed your CUB Support from the packaging, inflatedaccordingto the instructions and it will not stay inflated, you have 5 working days to notify usof the apparent manufacturing fault. We will arrange for it to be collected and returned to us and replace your CUB right away. If you do not notify us of a presumed fault within 5 days of first inflation,the CUB will not be replaced.

5. There appears to be a hole in the seam of the CUB that we have noticed, is this a fault in the product?

The CUB Support is constructed in individual layers and sections and the seams are high frequency welded. In any inflatable product the joining seams are the most susceptible to rupture through repeated use. This is not a manufacturing fault, which would have prevented the CUB from remaining inflated during it’s first use, but a normal degradation of the product through use. We recommend that birth partners, carers, providers and children do not sit on or play with the CUB. The maximum user weight for the CUB is 120kgs, it should NEVER have 2 people sitting, leaning or resting on it.


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The CUB is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable support designed to help mothers adopt and maintain positions that are physically the most helpful for them and their babies during labour and birth.

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