Meet midwife Cass.
She invented the CUB.

Cass McNamara had a long career as a professional, registered midwife working between the UK National Health Service NHS and in independent practice
  • Winner of the Scottish Edge Fund
  • The Association of Scottish Businesswomen Award ‘Woman of Inspiration’  2016
  • Global Health and Pharma ‘Maternity Care Executive of the Year’ 2017
  • Winner of the ‘Innovation in Practice’ award from the British Journal of Midwifery 2018

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Why did Cass invent the CUB?

Cass McNamara Invented the Cub after becoming frustrated by the very few products that were available for use in maternity care that would support instinctive, mother led upright labor and birth positions. As a National Health Service (UK) registered midwife Cass had found that the available products; gym balls, birth couches, obstetric beds and traditional style birth stools made of rigid wood, metal or plastic all had limitations on who and where they could be used. She spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a single product that provided the comfort of a gym ball that could also be used in a range of different positions (not just sitting upright on) by all those planning a vaginal birth.
Of course, this was not a successful search because this product did’nt exist! So, Cass started to explore creating a new product that could provide comfort and support while being used in lots of different positions by women in late pregnancy, during labour and at the point of birth. Her extensive experience as a midwife providing care throughout pregnancy and attending thousands of labors and births over the years helped her recognize what would be beneficial and most helpful during this incredible, but demanding time.
After a lot of figuring out, head scratching, research and drawing on bits of paper the first CUB was finally born!
Following feedback from the first users the CUB is now in its second version. Over the past 4 years the CUB has become the new ‘go to’ product for use during pregnancy for those suffering pelvic girdle pain and for those planning a Comfortable, Upright Birth, all over the world.

The CUB, designed with you in mind: Safe, Healthy and Smart

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