CUB Comfortable Upright Birth Support

CUB Inflatable Birth Support

Comfortable, Upright Birth (CUB)
The world’s top selling brand for a great pregnancy, labour and birth experience. Loved by families, hospitals, and birth centres in over 90 countries around the world.
A multi award winning, patented support that can provide all the advantages of mobility, comfort and upright positions for labor and birth including squatting, kneeling and forward leaning.
Lightweight, easy to use, clean and store, the CUB is the modern version of the traditional birthing stool.
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Why are upright positions important during birth?

Research has shown that adopting upright positions during labor and birth
can have many advantages for both mother and baby.
The chance of your baby becoming distressed during labor when you are upright is decreased by

0 %

Being upright during labor and birth can increase the available space within the pelvis by up to

0 %

Your chance of needing a cut in your perineum to help your baby be born is reduced by

0 %

If you are upright during birth, your chance of needing medical assistance e.g. forceps is reduced by

0 %

If you birth in an upright position, emergency caesarean sections are reduced by

0 %

Video Tutorials

Learn how to use and look after your CUB